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Strategies to Success

Welcome to Better Endings New Beginnings

We provide hope for children, teens, and adults living, laughing, learning and loving through the challenges before birth — including alcohol exposure (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders-FASD) and other toxins. We believe there are many opportunities to improve level of functioning, health and well-being even in adults. We understand these are whole-body conditions and can include other genetic vulnerabilities or environmental triggers.

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What others are saying

“The work the Kulp family tackled in their brain training home school has been replicated around the world. Their books provide more than the strategiess that these pioneers in FASD have discovered. I am estactic over their work in Live Abilities— their deep belief in the strength of the spirit keeps shining.”

Deb Evensen FAS Alaska

  • We believe that persons with hidden differences need a Live Abilities focus in natural life settings to sustain full and purposeful living.

    Learn to create Live Abilities

    We believe that persons with hidden differences need natural life settings to sustain full and purposeful living. Our goal is to change what seems imPOSSIBLE to doABLE. Join the Live Abilities movement.

  • Better Endings New Beginnings helps in publishing books to build a voice for the voiceless

    News you can use.

    Since 1986, our books have made a positive difference in people's lives. We offer books and curriculum for persons age 3 through adult, for professionals and families. Visit FASD Book Store

  • Braided Cord strategies make a difference in the lives of persons with hidden differences

    I want people to know

    Liz Kulp wrote her first book at age 13 to tell the world about FASD to help other children. At age 23, she shared her death defying journey into adulthood to alert professionals and families. Meet Liz and other power team members. What are braided cords?

  • Toolbox Parent website offers strategies for parents, educators and other professionals

    We dig in to help struggling tough kids

    We hope you can find something here to help you. Learn about complimentary therapies and strategies. Free forms and support ideas. Power professional tips. Read how to apply for PCA services, Medical Assistance, and SSI. FREE parenting strategies

  • Liberty Ridge creates full and purposeful living in natural life settings

    Find full and purposeful adult living

    Power couple, Sam and Liz, navigate Liberty Ridge with a normal lifestyle as braided visible contributing members of their communities and faith. Together, they sail through rough waters managing their home, food, finance, and health. How do I create Purposeful Living?

  • Creating equal justice for persons with hidden differences

    Knowledge is power

    What if what you thought was the truth was a lie—a big lie? The Whitest Wall has the ability to change the perception of how we view others, treat others and understand others. Kulp's novel and Rob Wybrecht's Equal Justice Program open the door to the silence and screams. Understand what can happen

  • Paws up for fun with Liz's brain body activities with your dog

    Brain based fun

    Our positive training gets kids and adults moving. We teach leadership, communication skills and patience while enjoy body brain learning Join our Paws Up for Fun Program

  • Companion animals for persons with FASD

    Animals braid greater independence

    Our companion/service animal program offers research, training, bite prevention, specialized breeding and service training.
    Learn more about K9 and HumanKind

"We strive for purposeful living, balance and joy inside the challenges, trauma and pain of hidden differences.

We empower the individual with hidden differences (fetal alcohol, traumatic brain injury, sensory, intellectual or behavioral challenges) by inspiring to greater effort, equipping to make ready, empowering to make able, instilling step by small step, connecting to join together and allowing persons to soar to sustain success. We were founded in 1986 as an outreach to promote social awareness to the needs of the least of our citizens. We have continued to be a voice for the voiceless.

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What can one person do to make a difference in building awareness of FASD or supporting sobriety in pregnancy?

Trail Markers

How do I mark trails of discovery to build in the strength and joy of learning for a person with hidden differences?

Braided Wisdom

How do I braid quality people and relationships into my life to encourage healthy growth, fun and purposeful living?

Raise the Standard

How do I pledge to stand next to my pregnant friend in sobriety? Here are some fun tools and baby coming ideas.

Sober Fun Living

What can I do to enjoy and encourage a life of sobriety for my friends when I still want to party and have a good time?

FASD Think Tank

Where can I ask a tough question and get seasoned parent and professional knowledge that is unbiased and understands FASD?

Be a Lifesaver

How can I join with others interested in helping to Build Better Baby Brains and gain connections to make a difference?

Each One Reach One

How can I help prevent bullying behaviors and misunderstandings of persons living with hidden challenges?