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Our leadership

Jodee Kulp

Executive Director

Karl Kulp

Project Advisor


Natural Classroom Concept Builders

We build hope

We have fun! We believe individuals learn best through experience: the opportunity to see, taste, touch, hear, feel to try something new. We laugh!

We train people. We believe healthy relationships sustain us and we help professionals and families understand the needs of persons with hidden differences.

We teach skills. We think out of the box to break hard concepts and tasks into abilities by "Life Classrooms" in natural environments with supports braided into the community.

What are Live Abilities?

Meet FASD Life Expert Change Agents!

How to be a trail guide.

Here is what I have learned as a trail guide...(and a mom, friend and human being). Trail guiding begins from the moment the person you love enters your life. When you mark a trail you provide signs that say "this way or that way" and you have planned the outcomes of it. You provide the dignity of risk for safe opportunities of self-discovery to move from fear to peace!

One of the most magnificent things I have been taught by adult persons with FASDs is that when their brain circuitry unplugs - it is very very real - the world gets much louder in every action, every smell, every minute detail and the only way to recover safely is to take time away (sometimes for just a moment) Anything we say to them or try to make them do or do with them is magnified and cannot be accessed appropriately - it is like trying to push a round peg into a square hole - it will not fit in until the loud edges soften - some people (especially kids) react with this overload with rages - exploding out the energy bombarding them - they may become violent, others freeze in place or shut down - some run for survival. Take time to enter and understand their world. It is far easier for us to do that than demand them to enter FULL TIME into our information abstract fast moving craziness.
  1. Become a cognitive translator between the concrete world and the world of abstraction. The abstract world I am able to navigate in serves little purpose to walk together in harmony. I do use my abstract abilities to trail guide or mark trails for self-discovery—this DOES NOT make me more able—I consider myself a cognitive translator between worlds.
  2. I have to be able to walk in unconditional love—just as the people I love are able to do.
  3. Learn to sense and understand hidden fear and the person you love's reactions to it—provide honorable and safe opportunity for self-discovery to move from fear to peace
  4. Learn to relax and change your speed. If a persons processing speed is 5% move your actions to a slower more relevant level. Embrace the beauty of doing one thing at a time, and one small step at a time.

May the voices of persons with hidden differences raise loudly as our teachers—together we have the ability to change this world - When I began this walk in 1997 - my first understanding and slogan was a "voice for the voiceless" I am proud to say - YOU the adults - the Life Experts living with FASD are gaining THAT voice! Thank you for being my teachers

Ann Kagarise FASD LIFE EXPERT I love the term cognitive translator! I find myself standing in a room and not understanding pretty much anything. I rely on cognitive interpretors. And thank you and to everyone who provides safe opportunities for self-discovery to move from fear to peace! What a great way to say that! That i think would be a gift because not very many people can do that!! I look to those who can do that and I have to do that for some where I work. So, I have had to have people do that for me and have also been able to pay it forward and help others feel ease in fear. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to do that for someone who is genuinely afraid. And Wow!!! Thank you for changing speed. Soooo many people do not do that and leave many in the dust completely and utterly confused!! With no sense that they even did it!! Thanks to all who can be a voice for the voiceless and have helped us get to a point where we can find a voice whether it be in writing or behind a camera or in other creative measures! I love love love this!! Thanks again!


James Gideon FASD LIFE EXPERT I really really love what is written here Jodee, you have demonstrated genuine care, understanding, humbleness, kindness and the ability to attempt to walk in our moccasins and continue to learn about the FASD Culture. Thank you, you are a true Mother in the FASD CULTURE, this is my opinion, again THANK YOU.

Live Abiliities Strategy - This is our path.

to greater

We discover dreams, personal strengths and value the whole person. We use these strengths to face the challenges of our differences.

to make

We discover ways to use our strengths in many situations. We search out resources and technology to in 'able.

to make

We share in learning. Together we build ideas to navigate skill building. We listen to try new things.

step by
small step

We try. We do over. We discover joy in doing. We practice. We try again.

to join

We share with others and to become change agents.

to sustain

We ARE the change agent.