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These are the best!
Social Media That Connects You.

We work hard to provide you with connections that make a difference in living, coaching and supporting persons with hidden differences.
Enjoy what we've found for you at the social media sites we love to follow and participate. Here are some of our favorites

Written by persons that understand the challenges of hidden differences from the inside out.


  • Visit NOFAS for great current information about FASD

    FASD Radio

    Victor Ybarra shares wisdom from the inside out with a great voice, humar and music in Secrets of FASD.

  • Visit MOFAS for great connections for persons interested in fetal alcohol

    Living with FASD

    Ann Kagarise is an incredible writer and photo journalist, her work opens wisdom of deep FASD understanding.

  • Braided Cord strategies help young people walk the FASD path

    Life Tips

    Liz Kulp provides tips and ideas from persons living with FASD to help others become change agents.

  • Create your local Club Costa start a movement

    Club COSTA

    Club COSTA a self-advocacy club for teens and adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Websites Worth Checking Out.

Links that can connect great POWER PEOPLE together - enjoy!

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