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These are the best!
Websites You Can Trust.

We work hard to provide you with connections that make a difference in living, coaching and supporting persons with hidden differences.
Enjoy what we've found for you at the sites we respect.

As awareness and research about FASD grows, organizations continue to share and work together:

  • Find balance with Oola - fun small steps to living

    Oola Living

    The Oola Life helps you balance your life in tiny 7-F steps — Fun, Finance, Friends, Faith, Family, Field, Fitness.

  • I can be safe online

    Adult Learning

    Whitecrow Village offers some of the most innovative and active proven programs for adults with FASD.

  • Stone Soup

    Stone Soup is filled with active ideas, forms, downloads for parents and care givers of persons living with FASD.

  • Online Learning

    POPFASD is a British Columbia Ministry of Education program providing FASD educational materials.

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