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Our Mission

To change the concept of disabilities into "Live Abilities" by helping one person at a time with hidden differences discover personal strengths and understand current challenges. To embrace START by finding and defining personal dreams and the manageable steps toward success. To have fun, celebrate the process and pay our success forward by giving back to our communities and peers.

I've seen very few kids with FASDs with a spirit as untouched as Liz... her spirit is huge! She's not squashed or afraid of her own power — which is a secondary disability no one talks about.

Laura Nagle, Bluegrass Prevention Center, Kentucky

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
— Thomas Edison, invented the light bulb after over 10,000 tries.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of the spirit within each individual and strive to “treat others as they wish to be treated.” To do so, we must learn to view the world as others see it, to adapt our communication style to their behavioral style and understanding. We must lead in a way that motivates hope and 'ables another to reach dreams. We must embrace our differences while admiring individual strengths and recognize that each of us is in a continuous process of becoming.

We believe in 'abling persons with hidden differences to live regular visibly present lives in natural settings with full, positive community participation. We believe in braiding healthy others into our life strands that encourage and build positive relationships with family, friends, neighbors and professionals. We encourage each other.

Our Strategy

We are a non-profit social initiative to 'able persons to live full lives by utilizing the knowledge of the past, the wisdom of the individual, the friendship of peers and opportunities offered us by faith, a wellbriety lifestyle, supportive strategies and positive technologies.

We braid opportunities to initiate change for a sustainable and purposeful life through compassion and understanding to empower the individual with hidden differences.

We provide resources and training for families, the community and professionals to understand and support Live Abilities.

We promote building better baby brains through 049 - Zero Alcohol for Nine Months and helping friends help friends remain sober.

We promote Peer Awareness Bully Prevention.