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Provide hope with award winning publishing

SInce 1986, Better Endings New Beginnings has provided published materials that create positive change in complex life situtations. We offer full design and production services for authors and businesses, curriculum design, publication development, social media campaigns and limited publishing of select titles. We currently have FREE Fetal Alcohol Spectrum/Bully/Service Dog curriculum for early elementary teaching and parenting.

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Empower with Education

Keynotes, workshops, presentations for persons with hidden differences, care givers, first responders, educators, health, social service and judicial professionals and expert witness training.

  • FASD Basics - The gift of freedom to grow and know through animals
  • FASD Beyond the Basics - Living, laughing, loving and thriving
  • Putting Life Together - Braided Cords strategies making room for Live Abilities
  • Eyes Wide H'Open - Understanding the adoption of person with FASD
  • Allegation & Maltreatment Prevention of vulnerable persons and their care providers

Supportive companions

K-9 and human kind—Research, training and development of companion animal opportunities and relationship teams to empower individuals to greater sustainability.

  • Positive thought based dog training for companion or service teams, natural world experience for persons with special needs
  • Bite prevention training for children and persons with special needs
  • Knarlwoods select standard poodle breeding program and preliminary training for puppies moving into service work
  • Paws Agility Fun and simple training videos to build canine relationships

Opportunity through Braided Cords

Learn to braid a cord of supports for yourself or to help a friend. Understand how healthy relationships enhance skills and opportunity.

  • What is a braided cord?
  • Why is a braided cord effective?
    • Opportunity making
    • Relationship building

Build a toolbox of caregiver tools

Our Toolbox Parent website is filled with tools to help families navigate social service, medical and educational systems with their loved one.

  1. Handy forms and worksheets
  2. Power Professional tips from pros who understand atypical children
  3. Fun ideas to care for yourself!

Create possibilities for Live Abilities

We believe each person has a right to dreams and hopes to live a purposeful life. We value each "I did it"

  • We work to find the dream
    • We discover manageable steps
    • We train people
    • We teach skills
    • We empower peers

Success with home school connections

For five years, the Kulp family created a brain training homeschool to help their daughter gain skills to move ahead into successful living. Learn more about our curriculum, our strategies, alternative therapies and family fun.

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We believe in sharing.

Please click on any one of our programs and YES YOU CAN use any of our free materials to help you "build better baby brains" for the future... Please add as your source.